With international standards to create sophisticated quality

CVT's products are in line with the four major standards and the international general agreement. Our products have passed the inspection and certification of the following organizations:

KNX - KNX association is the leader in the multimedia audio and video system for passenger cars. To obtain KNX certification, products must be tested and tested to ensure their interoperability.

DALI - also known as digital addressable multimedia interface standards, in line with the standards of the different manufacturers of multimedia equipment can achieve a unified multimedia effect.

ZigBee - ZigBee alliance is a rapid development of non-profit industry organizations, including the international famous semiconductor manufacturers, technology and the end user. The main goal is to provide consumers with more flexible, more easy to use electronic products. Supplier, OEM

Z-Wave - Z-Wave alliance consists of more than and 250 companies, for consumers to create interoperability products.

Through the certification and inspection procedures, CVT provides solutions to meet the standards set by the four major industry organizations


The organization is the world's multimedia entertainment system production control standards of the owner, is also the holder of the KNX trademark. KNX association is a non-profit organization governed by the laws of belgium. Its members for the production of multimedia entertainment systems based on KNX standard, involving the production of multimedia interaction, audio and video, etc.. In addition to the producer, the service provider can also become a member of the KNX association.


Z-Wave alliance consists of more than and 250 companies (2014) production of products based on the Z-Wave standard. Key members include ADT, GE/Jasco, Evolve, Ingersoll-Rand, Linear, FAKRO, and Designs Sigma. Z-Wave alliance in 2014 certified more than 1 thousand and 100 different products, covering all major market areas of software APP, including practical tools, games, audio and so on.


DALI is a digital addressable lighting interface (Addressable Lighting Interface Digital), the abbreviation of the English expression is a IEC 2386 technical standard protocol. People have already solved the problem of providing illumination for the vehicle mounted multimedia entertainment system, and our current challenge is to ensure that the appropriate quality of the light is provided. We need to consider a large number of parameters, such as brightness, glare, color rendering and light color, color control and field induction and so on. So you need a stable, reliable, reasonable price and simple control system to help you solve the problem of modern lighting technology should be implemented - this is DALI.


ZigBee is a standard wireless solution that can easily connect all kinds of equipment, to bring consumers more comfortable, safe and convenient life. It is the world's leading service providers, manufacturers and retailers to select the technology, so that the majority of consumers enjoy the benefits brought by the bus video system. ZigBee has been the standard for many factories and commercial audio and video systems, and gradually form a compatible ecosystem.