Important recognition

CVT by virtue of their own professional technology and rich experience, get the industry associations at home and abroad have affirmed the community and the industry's strong support for the media.

Unity of the industry, to promote the development of CVT is a high-tech enterprises, currently has joined KNX, Dali, esta, CTACA etc. 13 domestic and foreign famous industry associations and academic groups. With numerous Association member units and experts to discuss the latest intelligent technology, and jointly promote the development of the industry.

School enterprise, a total of education personnel

CVT is well aware of the importance of talent. In line with the mission of cultivating talents CVT to major colleges and universities provide facilities and equipment, let numerous students in actual combat operations, accumulate experience and knowledge. CVT is currently the 11 university teaching and research practice base. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Yangzhou University, Beihang University, etc.

Participate in the construction of a number of domestic and international industry standards

"Control network HBES technical specifications - commercial vehicle control system" standard unit (International KNX standard)

"Bus electrical appliances overall design specification" first through the provincial evaluation of the bus electrical industry standards

"The design and installation of the software system of Cenbian units"

The main drafting unit and the unit of technical leader in the construction standards for the modification of passenger car electric appliances

Multimedia audio and video system demonstration experience Museum

Intelligent CVT experience center bus as a carrier to simulate the multimedia audio and video systems, fusion 33 intelligent subsystem, by 16 functional areas may experience including special bus USB charging system, special bus safety belt alarm bus multimedia audio and video systems. Has passed the acceptance of the organization of the 13 bus media industry, has become its recommended bus dedicated multimedia audio and video system experience center. We are:

China digital home industry alliance's first application demonstration Experience Center

Innovation of Chinese enterprise development alliance innovation China bus multimedia experience center

The smart studio Yangzhou CVT line experience center

Multimedia system demonstration experience Museum

China bus dedicated multimedia audio and video system industry alliance recommended Experience Center

Industry recognition