About training

Crystal vision headquarters held a regular bus dedicated multimedia audio and video system engineer training. The main target of the training for agents, distributors, system integrators, distributors, as well as all interested in entering the industry or as a partner of the professional crystal. Through the study of training courses, students can  have indepth understanding about the Buspro intelligent control system and solutions, to provide better services for their customers. Trained by experienced instructors, students can learn the theoretical knowledge of Buspro, system programming and debugging, as well as the relevant industry knowledge. Students through professional training system in written and practical exam and gain by crystal as issued by the" buspro intelligent building control system engineer "certification through crystal vision

Trainning arrangement

Crystal vision headquarters held a number of training each year, each training duration of about 5 days. The following is the training arrangements for the year 2016.

2016 Buspro engineer training program

1, April 20th -24 twenty-eighth Bupro system technical engineer training

2, August 03 -07 twenty-ninth Bupro system technical engineer training

3, October 19th -23 thirtieth Bupro system technical engineer training

4, December 14th -18 thirty-first Bupro system technical engineer training

Trainning  Fee

1 Domestic enterprises dealer / agent: course training free of charge; provide lunch, dinner take care of themselves. Accommodation arrangements are scheduled, the cost of self (single (double) room 150 yuan / day, deluxe single (double) room 180 yuan / day

2 Foreign enterprises distributors / agents: 3000 yuan / people, including information on fees, certificate fee, meals); dinner / accommodation self-care (Unified scheduled).

Course arrangement

Visit experience crystal smart experience center / engineering case sharing /Explain Buspro product system theoretical knowledge

Buspro product debugging (button panel, LCD panel, air conditioning module, light regulator, relay, sensor, etc.)

Buspro product debugging (remote control, infrared emission module, GPRS module, logic module, touch screen, music player, security module, 12 in one, etc.)

CAD drawing design / third party product / Design Manual

Training income

1,the application of multimedia audio and video system for bus and the application of the program flow has a clear grasp and understanding

2, master the design, debugging, installation, control and application of each module of the multimedia audio and video system.

3, master the specific flow of multimedia audio and video system for bus

4. Understand and master the knowledge of multimedia video and audio system for bus

Training Instructor Team


Technical Director / board of directors vice president

Industrial electrical automation major, senior engineer, master knowledge of intelligent lighting control. With 16 years of experience in project management, in 2005 enter the crystal as the enterprise, electronic circuits and microcontroller programming 20 years experience, with a invention patents, two utility model patents, 20 a number of software copyright design. Expertise in the field: bus dedicated multimedia audio and video systems


Development Department Manager

In 2005 enter Yangzhou  crystal vision science  technology development Co., Ltd., during the work involved in R & D D96PLUS dawn of optical fiber / network dimming cabinet, 58-2011Remote "harmonious" network dimming Taiwan remote control, 58-R12 stars digital dimming device, 58-VST6 6 road sine wave tone light device, a channel charged flow detecting infrared emission module, the background music module, power supply of background music, 7 inch color touch screen, power supply module, such as product development, and is involved in a patent for invention, two utility model patents, 10 several software copyright design. Multimedia audio and video system for bus.

Where is the training to be held?

The location of the training is to create a crystal flower to build intelligent experience center. Experience center covers an area of 1600 square meters, is the largest passenger dedicated multimedia system experience center, brought together passenger dedicated multimedia system more than 30 subsystems, 20 state-owned and international high-end passenger special multimedia system manufacturers of production facilities the latest technology and products, show the passenger dedicated multimedia system the new concept, highlighting the latest level of Chinese passenger dedicated multimedia system development of the industry, is the perfect expression of passenger dedicated multimedia audio and video system technology and function. Here, students can have a more intuitive understanding of the bus multimedia audio and video system. Address:Haiwo road 19,  Guangling district ,Yangzhou