CVT Bus VOD System

CVT Bus VOD System

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 Vehicle-mounted VOD is the system that designed and developed for the middle and high-end vehicles and high-speed train to create a pleasant journey for the passengers by offering wide-ranging multi-media video & audio information. While mounted in vehicles, this system consists of one multi-media video frequency server and plenty of client-side; while mounted in bullet train, this system consists of several multi-media video frequency servers and plenty of client-side. Each server of the system is capable of up to 200 nos. of client-end simultaneous connection. Based on embedded system development, the software realizes message communication between server and each client-end via development and integration of modules such as server end program management system, client-end receive control program and digital communication program etcAs for the hardware, the passengers of each seat are provided with one TFT-LCD displayer with the function of integration video on demand. The passengers can realize man-machine interaction without disturbing any other passengers while enjoying the whole journey by touching screen to watch various video & audio programs, check for relative tourism information, play classified games etc. Integrated connection of software and hardware with the special shockproof and anti-interference treatment, the system makes a qualitative leap in information content, functionality, reliability and definition.

       This system is awarded as Jiangsu High-Tech Product in the year of 2008 and National Creative High-Tech Product in the year of 2009.

       I. system interface

  The content classification and interface style of the VOD system can be designed according to the customers’ requirement.

      II. System Functions and Features

       A. Multimedia Files on demand

Passengers can enter corresponding system items by pressing buttons or touch screen to select movies or video information as they like. System is featured with the function of “forward, backward, pause” and multi-user at the same time. The list of video files can also be classified into many channels according to the users’ demand, such as information, movie, music etc. Each channel contains plenty of files to satisfy the passengers with convenient cooperation.

       B. Information and advertisement

The function of issuing announcement, notes or advertisement etc. through the platform of this system presents the passengers with a journey full of warm, easiness and convenience.

        C. Game

VOD is an interactive system that passengers can play many sorts of games through buttons, touch screen, or joystick.

       D. Mobile internet

After connecting system sever into mobile internet, each passenger can enjoy internet by the seat displayer

       E. Button ,touch screen optional

The using mode of the system can be made into button or touch screen, by which the passengers can select the media information they are interested in.

       F. Anti-magnet, anti-shock, anti-interference

The complicated environment in bus and countless interference sources request that all of the units of VOD system, including server, transmission, and seat displayer, to proceed with the treatment of anti-interference. Thanks to the special design, system can provide fluent video files. Meanwhile special anti-shock design on seat displayer ensures the stable operation of the system.

       G. Theft-proof, breakage-proof design

Special theft-proof and breakage-proof design is made inside the seat displayer, when someone is destroying or stealing the displayer, displayer will send a warning signal to system server, so the bus driver will know immediately.

       III. installation mode

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