Multi-channel TV broadcasting

Multi-channel TV broadcasting system

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System instruction


7-inch multi-channel TV broadcasting system is designed especially for luxury coach, which offers a single LCD displayer for each passenger to make the journey happy and comfortable, through this LCD displayer, passenger can select the program channel he likes to watch without disturbing others. In addition, system’s programs and channels are subjected to customer’s needs.


Multi-channel TV broadcasting system adopt the theory of CATV and apply it to the coach, by using special unit, we combine all the analog program signals to 1 RF signal transmitted through one coaxial cable to each TV displayer for use. Inside the displayer, RF signal is restored to the original analog signals for selecting and watching. In addition, system can also integrate the satellite signal and camera signals.

3System units

System contains:

program player sources, modulators, combiner unit, distributors, power adapters, coaxial cables, 7-  inch displayers and especially-made cables.

System cable layout:

Installation method

Installation effect

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