Bus passenger seat belt alarm

Bus passenger seat belt alarm system

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1.Product profile

There is no doubt about the importance of the safety belt.In the event of a collision accident, , safety belt to occupants firmly tied on a seat, with the airbag buffer protection can impact induced damage greatly reduced. Currently, although most of the bus seats are equipped with safety belts, but due to the comfort  a little passengers in the bus will travelat a high speed wearing a seat belt, so the safety belt will bring the great hidden danger of traffic safety. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a reliable performance of the car seat belt alarmto remind passengers in the course of the journey time .A good safety belt can ensure the safety of the journey.

2.Product composition

Vehicle safety belt alarm consists of a control box, a sensor, a safety belt.

2.1 control box

2.2 sensor

2.3  Safety belt

  3Product installation

4Product technical index

 Brand: CVT

 Input voltage: 12V-36V

 Current: 35mA

 Working temperature: -20°-85°

 Product color: Black

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